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m.pulse┬« ÔÇö The new generation of heart failure treatment

m.pulse® and Muscular CounterPulsation (MCP) now give cardiology a completely new and highly effective therapeutic approach to treating heart failure.

m.pulse® and MCP

  • turns effective but highly-invasive counterpulsation procedures into
          non-invasive therapeutic options for the first time
  • is clinically validated and ideally suited to a broad range of applications
  • yields cost savings and an alternative or supplement to other therapies  

Hospitals can use m.pulse® in-house for both acute and ambulatory procedures while patients under regular medical care can also use it to treat themselves at home.

The information presented on these pages is designed to give you a solid general basis for evaluation purposes. For further inquiries, please contact us here!


m.pulse┬« therapy usually begins in the ICU and continues until the patient is discharged. Thereafter, treatment often continues on an ambulatory basis or the patient can even be instructed on performing self-treatment at home.