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The idea: A new treatment concept for heart failure

Cardiola AG was founded in 2000 in Winterthur (Switzerland) as CardioRest AG with the singular goal of developing a completely new approach to treating heart failure based on Muscular CounterPulsation research.

Vision becomes reality

Even the initial MCP prototypes achieved positive results in experimental research. More advanced generations of our MCP device used in early clinical studies, including at the Bern University Hospital (Inselspital), likewise returned extremely positive findings. Continued clinical research and a narrowing of our focus to heart failure diagnoses led to the developing and perfecting of today’s m.pulse® therapeutic system.

Cardiola: The pulse of our time

With our innovative m.pulse®, we have since succeeded in establishing a completely new device class in one of today’s most fastest growing markets – the health sector. The future of Cardiola has begun.