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Due to the late (out-sourced) stage of clinical development of Cardiola’s CE Marked m.pulse® range of medical devices, and the fact that Cardiola is in discussions with potential commercialization partners, Cardiola has reverted to a management structure where the majority of positions are held by external specialists on a part-time contractual basis. Such positions include:

Board of Directors

  • Peter G. Sulzer
  • Werner Eichenberger

Executive Chairman and CEO

  • Peter G. Sulzer

Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Clinical Development

  • BIOSTART Consulting GmbH, Switzerland, Glenn Stanley
  • Global clinical research organization (information available upon request)

Technology and Production

  • Corscience GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen, Germany, Armin Bolz, Manuel Seufert
  • Brütsch Elektronik AG, Switzerland, Armin Eggli

Regulatory Affairs

  • Global regulatory affairs specialist (information available upon request)

KOL Advisory Panel

  • Leading KOLs (information available upon request)

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

  • Manitz, Finsterwald & Partner GbR, Munich, Germany, James Morgan

Accounting and Administration

  • Meili Treuhand AG, Switzerland, Jürg Meili


  • Keel + Partner AG, Switzerland, Thomas Keel